The World International Tequila Conference is a comprehensive, interactive meeting of tequila professionals and aficionados, conducted entirely in English. Participants get a change to learn about tequila making processes, the history of tequila, and its future, while sampling the best products and rubbing elbows with tequila legends.

The conference caters to the following:

Tequila Entrepreneurs–Those interested in starting their own brands. Topics include the tequila making process, how to create a taste profile, how to select a distillery and how to market and distribute a brand.

Tequila Industry Professionals–Distillers, distributors and marketers who want to make industry connections, strengthen their brand image and increase their brand profile abroad.

Restaurateurs & Bartenders–We’ve developed specialized sessions on how to best stock your bar with a variety of in-demand tequilas, how to conduct official tastings and educate your customers on the spirit.

Tequila Aficionados–For those who aren’t in the tequila industry but who want to know more about the production, tasting and the culture of tequila, we have organized a variety of information sessions and tasting opportunities. Aficionados have the unique opportunity to meet the makers of their favorite tequilas, as well as other tequila lovers in a social, friendly environment.

Come, connect, taste & enjoy!