Presenter Profiles

Ana Maria Romero – Expert Tequila Taster & Tequila Profile Consultant

Ana Maria will be giving an in-depth tequila tasting seminar explaining tequila aromas and flavors and how to detect them. This presentation will be essential for attendees, giving them a strong foundation for how to evaluate and taste tequila for the rest of the conference. Ana Maria is a leading tequila tasting expert who has [...]

Mark Alberto Holt- Creator, SFT Tequila Bar

Mark will share his experience on how to develop a successful tequila bar and provide bartenders and others with the training they need to teach consumers about tequila and help them discover their own preferences.

David A. Ruiz, Tequila Expert and Consultant

David Ruiz is a business development consultant in the Tequila Industry and the Director of the World International Tequila Conference. He is an expert in Tequila and holds a “Deplomado en Formacion de Tecnico Tequilero”, from the Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara and the CRT.  David is also a professional Tequila Taster, holding an “Experto en [...]

Carlos Camarena – El Tesoro Master Distiller and Agave Specialist

Carlos will give an overview of agave growing techniques and how they affect the flavor of tequila. He will also bring with him his rich experience as Master Distiller at El Tesoro, one of Mexico’s most recognized and respected brands.

Miguel Cedeño Cruz, Presidential Consultant on Tequila

Miguel will talk about tequila production processes, and his personal presentation to Presidents Obama and Calderon, as well as Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Miguel is an author, teacher, master distiller and scientist who is well-known for his tequila expertise. Mr. Cedeño was recently interviewed by, and the video can be viewed here (below.) [...]