David A. Ruiz, Tequila Expert and Consultant

David Ruiz is a business development consultant in the Tequila Industry and the Director of the World International Tequila Conference. He is an expert in Tequila and holds a “Deplomado en Formacion de Tecnico Tequilero”, from the Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara and the CRT.  David is also a professional Tequila Taster, holding an “Experto en Tequila” certification from the Academia Mexicana de Catadors de Tequila y Vinos.

His current projects include the development of Tequila profiles for several Tequila brands under development. He is a duel citizen of the United States and Mexico and is a graduate of San Jose State University in California.

David will be presenting the workshop on developing a Tequila Brand.

This workshop will guide you through the process of compliance with Mexican regulations, filing required documentation, applying for permits, selecting a distillery, developing a Tequila taste profile and managing the export process.

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