World International Tequila Conference News

There’s no doubt about it — tequila is booming. As new players and brands rush to the market, how will they affect the industry, the tequila-making process and consumer tastes?

The World International Tequila Conference, is where young and veteran brands, industry experts, regulators and tequila lovers rub elbows and discuss the past, present and future of tequila.

The conference, held entirely in English, will feature tequila industry superstars, recognized industry consultants, brand builders and successful tequila bar owners and restaurateurs.

The World International Tequila Conference will take place in Guadalajara, Mexico in 2013 with one day spent touring key distilleries in the Tequila Valley, and an optional day in the Highlands. Participants will experience hands-on distillery tours and tastings led by expert tequila tasters.

“The conference is an amazing opportunity for anyone who works in the tequila industry, or just loves tequila, to learn, network and taste some of the best tequilas available,” says Tequila Consultant and conference organizer David Ruiz.

Ruiz began organizing the annual conference in 2009 with the aim of embracing the popularity of tequila in the export market and connecting local tequila professionals with their counterparts abroad.

“It’s the best place for networking in the tequila industry,” says Juan Bernardo Torres Mora, a tequila expert and author.

“The World International Tequila Conference in Guadalajara, Mexico is a must! It’s an exciting event that cannot be missed,” says Laura Reyes Frausto, owner and CEO of Artisan Spirits international. “It is simply a memorable experience.”

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