What people are saying about the WITC

Laura Reyes“The World International Tequila Conference in Guadalajara, Mexico is a must! An exciting event that cannot be missed. David Ruiz organizes the best exposure to tequila that one can imagine! He is attentive to detail, an excellent host fluent in English and Spanish.”

“The tequila experts that David hand picks as key presenters have a breast of knowledge in tequila; He schedules some of the best tours to distilleries where one can gain experience of how tequila is made along with a detailed historical story. Simply a memorable experience for one that is new to tequila or a connoisseur.”

Laura Reyes Frausto
Artisan Sprits International

Mark Alberto Holt“The WITC gave me an opportunity to share my passion and experience for Tequila with the industry. It was a great way to share valuable consumer market trends directly with the other participants of WITC, and provided significant insight that I was able to use behind the bar, and to improve our inventory.”

“Meeting so many high-powered tequila industry professionals has opened the door for me to expand into new tequila opportunities. The WITC was easily understood in English and David Ruiz organized an amazing event beneficial to any person in the Spirits Industry, especially bar owners and their bartenders.”

Mark Alberto Holt
Creator, SFT Tequila Bar
The Tequila Traveler

Grover Sanschagrin“For me, attending this event was a very smart move. It taught me more about tequila than I ever expected, and introduced me to some of the most talented and influential people in the tequila industry – people with whom I’ve maintained lasting friendships.”

“The World International Tequila Conference opened countless doors into unique and hard-to-access places. As a blogger, it dramatically improved the quality of our postsĀ  and gave us access to sources at the highest levels of the tequila world. Looking back on the friendships and connections I made at the WITC – it feels like I now belong to a special fraternity of tequila aficionados (and I can’t wait to go back!)

Grover Sanschagrin
Blogger, TasteTequila.com

Reece Henderson“From the first night at Tequilas Del Senior to the exclusive face time with tequila industry heavy weights, WITC is the definitive tequila experience. For me personally, listening to Carlos Camarena talk about his insight and experiences in the Tequila industry was worth the investment.”

“I tasted tequila I would have never been able to taste let alone have access to. I also made many new friends and contacts and for that I will always be grateful. I highly recommend this conference to anyone interested in expanding their knowledge of tequila.”

Reece Henderson
WITC Attendee, 2009

“It’s the best place for networking in the tequila industry.”

Juan Bernardo Torres Mora
Tequila Expert, Author

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